The Best Security System

By Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson

It’s hard to believe that once upon a time people didn’t lock their doors. People felt very secure and neighbors were more like family than just what neighbors are like today. Children respected and looked up to the neighbors and there was a sense of community and oneness. Burglaries were exceptionally rare and if and when they did occur, it wasn’t frightening at all and most still lived with a sense of security and safety. (A portion adopted from John at Daily Inspirations)



Kinds of security systems

Things have changed.  Today, people lock their doors even during the times when they are home. The market for door-locks is on a rise, displaying the quality that comes with each one to give you a sense of security. But, locks aren’t usually strong enough and thieves do break in. So, the next step that most embark on is to install a security system. There are all kinds of security systems. There are some that come with an app on the smart phones where you can arm and disarm the system with just a touch of a button. You can see who’s going and who’s coming even when you’re not home. Having a security system gives you the sense that several armed guards are watching your house. Knowing that someone is there to protect you gives you more confidence to sleep at night and to feel secure.

Your life’s security system



Just like thieves may break into your home, there are similar thieves that break into your mind. The doorway and the lock system’s entry point to your life are entered through your mind. If you leave unlock pathways in your mind, the thief can steal and destroy your life. The mind is a powerful tool and most health problems and life challenges start in the mind through your thoughts. Whatever you think on becomes your reality. You have the power to secure your mind by controlling what you think about. This is not an easy task but by taking simple steps you can secure your system and feel safe again.


Change your mind

According to Dr. Caroline Leaf your thoughts affect your body and can cause illnesses. She states that “the key to staying positive and out of negative stress is to control your thought life; it is how you think. Research has shown that how you think can affect whether you live or die.”



“The emerging fields medical specialties of psychoneuroendocrinology and psychoneuroimmunology are shedding light on the how thinking affects stress, the brain, the immune system, and hormones, and how these things determine our psychological and physical well-being.” (Leaf, 2016)

Most humans need to feel secure in order to tackle life’s challenges. However, most adults today feel as secure as the flimsy lock on a door. If you want to feel secure again, start by changing your mind by being aware of your thoughts so that you can secure the doorway to your life.

What’s affecting you today? What are you constantly thinking about? What are you focused on? What’s breaking into your life’s security system? Are you ready to upgrade your security system? Here are simple practical tools that I have used as well as those that I coach and my clients to have a secure life system.

Three (3) Practical Steps to #upgrade your security system.




  1. Make a list of all the things you have going on in your life today. Lists are so underrated yet it is a tool that can change your life forever. Write down everything that you have going on. After you write down everything, categorize them into headings that make sense, such as (Family, Work, School) etc.
  1. Look at the Categories and determine what’s the most important (#1) thing. Number your list in each category by order of priority with #1 being the most urgent and need to be addressed this week. So basically in each category, you should have a #1, 2 and 3 and so on.
  1. After you’ve determined your (#1) from each category, take care of only those things this week. Everything else can wait.


Don’t allow your thoughts to secretly steal your life and invade your system. Write things down on paper and check them off and by doing so you’re checking them off in your mind as well. You are what you allow; so don’t allow your life to become overwhelmed by not having a list and by not being focused. I believe in you, so let’s do life together!

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FOCUS and your Health

A lack of FOCUS affects your Health

Choose to Succeed

It’s an exciting time to be alive, where many are getting educated and an influx of technology allows you to be multi-faceted and have access to information right from your phone or other electronic devices. It’s also a time when many are seeking success in life-based on his or her definition of success. Success for some means more money, a higher paying job, stable marriage, and home ownership, having faith or a college degree amongst other things. Success varies based on the individual and the stage of life that they’re in. While there are many variations of success, I believe that most people desire to succeed. I believe that most people do NOT have a goal to fail or a plan to fail they just fail to plan. This is because while most adults desire success in life, they get stuck getting there due to a lack of FOCUS and strategic direction towards the desired result. Mostly everyone desires to be successful in his or her life, whether it is at work, at home, or as a parent, friend or co-worker. One does not simply want to succeed in only one particular area of his or her life, but instead most individuals want success in all areas of their lives consistently and not just sporadically. Success can only be maintained if there’s consistency, intentionality, perseverance and achieving this requires the ability to FOCUS and you’ll get the results.


Signs that you are not FOCUSED

Are you feeling OVERWHELMED, sometimes frustrated, tired, like you’re drowning, perhaps unclear, unhappy? Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day? Do you sometimes get anxious or forget something that you should have done? Are you living the dream life that you’ve always wanted to live? Are you at complete peace, joy and exceptional happiness in your life? If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, then chances are your health could be at risk. What you need is to learn the art of FOCUS.

coffee_fatigue tired

When you’re not FOCUSED it is difficult to concentrate and it will lead to you becoming stressed and before you know it your immune system begins to weaken and you find yourself starting to get sick. Stress is the #1 cause for several illnesses and it is difficult to treat and manage. Don’t allow your health to be affected by not having a FOCUS strategy, because your health is valuable and can save your life.

3 STEPS to become more FOCUS on your Health


  1. Monitor your Time
    1. How much time are you spending on yourself
    2. Make a list of things that you need to do each day
    3. Create a TIME MAP that will guide your life
  1. De-clutter your physical and mental space
    1. Get rid of things around you that creates a clutter
    2. Clean out your space around you so you can see clearly
    3. Get rid of toxic thoughts and thinking
  1. Take care of your body
    1. Focus on eating healthy foods only
    2. Do exercises that you like (must be enjoyable for you)
    3. Take at least 6 minutes per day and do nothing, just be still

Start with these 3 simple steps so that you can FOCUS on your health and start the journey on living the life you’ve always wanted to live. I believe in you and you can do it.

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LiFE on Purpose™ Journey 

There’s no greater feeling than knowing your true purpose. Being sure of what you were created to be. Sometimes life happens and we wake up in our twenties, thirties, forties or even fifties and realize that we are just alive and not truly living life on purpose. That’s why I’ve launched several different brand new coaching platforms at that can help you on the journey towards purpose. Get the strategic direction for your LiFE™. 

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21 Day Mind.Body Transformation

Today is a new day – are you ready for the 21 day Transformation?

Oct 11th – Oct 31st

Mind.Body – LiFE on Purpose transformation.

Everyday for the next 21 days I will coach you on my FaceBook Page (see link below to like and share) and it’s up to you to make the plays……..follow the steps….comment, share this page, share your status….journal and get ready for Phase 1 of the Awakening of your new LiFE on Purpose!

DAY ONE: You need a journal, take a picture of your current self – (selfie)

2. Write in your journal a poem titled (Who I am)?

3. Determine what are your goals

4. Decide what your healthy nutrition is going to look like (such as starting off with eating NO BREAD, Sweets, Meat etc)

5. Write down what your exercise regimen will look like.

6. After you’ve done all this, sign your name in your journal and have a witness sign it also, to hold you accountable for this new plan.

7. Announce to the world on your status that you have started this 21 day journey and tag my page. You need accountability partners.

This is a new day and a new season and it’s all in your hands. You are what you believe and you are what you allow!

Break off the chains and let’s move towards living life on purpose!

Comment on this post and let me know all those that are in this transformation module.

The new you have launched and I’m doing this at NO FINANCIAL COST to you, just because I believe in you!

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Transform your life through more energy

More Energy for Body & Soul

Avoid Energy Thieves

There are people who downright exhilarate us, because they bring joy and ease into our lives with their positive charism. On the other hand there are people who litterally deprive us of our energy, just as “energy thieves,” and so steal our precious power. Unfortunately, we often notice this when it is already too late.

Energy thieves aim at our good-naturedness, that we are vain or simply not enough self-confident. They appeal to our guilty feelings or basically overrun us.

To protect your precious energy, you should systematically avoid such people. For this purpose it helps, if you carefully pay attention to your body signals. Does something tense up inside you when you are confronted with a certain person? Do you get a feeling of weakness or internal fatigue in the presence of specific people? If you manage to identify the triggers of these symptoms, you are already on the track of your energy thieves.

If possible keep distance to the respective persons by breaking off the contact or simply by leaving the room when they appear. If this is not realistic, try to imagine that you are surrounded by a protective cover or shield when they are present. Better concentrate on people, who give you strength and the feeling that they do you good.

Excerpt……from life coaching with Carolyn and weekly blogs.


Learn more:

Healthy Mind.Body.Spirit month

Conscious Eating – Easier Living

Eat the Right Carbs

Carbohydrates are pure energy providers. Actually, “Carbohydrate” is just another term for sugar which is the real source of energy. For our metabolism the high energy density of sugar is an issue – that means the calories – but also the fact that our body can store carbs only in very small quantities. Everything that goes beyond the maximum storage capacity is converted into fat, which settles comfortably on our hips.

It is recommended to consume carbohydrates mainly in the form of so-called “complex carbohydrates”. These are, for example, whole grain products, potatoes, vegetables, fruit or pulses. They saturate very well and contain many valuable nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. They contain dietary fibers which detoxify the intestines, keep you feeling full longer and ensure a good digestion.

In contrast the simple carbohydrates, such as sweets or white flour products, cause a rapid rise of our blood sugar level and quickly cause hunger.

Topic: More Energy for Body & Soul

Learn to Let Go

Many times we spend our precious power and energy for things and situations in life that we can not change or influence. We desperately cling to them and so our view on new possibilities and chances gets blocked.

No question: Letting go is a genuine life skill which many people have difficulties with. However, the ones who are able to master this skill, automatically bring freedom and easiness into their lives. Anyone who has learned to let go of things, people or situations, gains more composure and flexibility and above all, can recover a good deal of energy. Often the result feels like a downright “burst of energy.”

Even if it is difficult: Begin to become more open for the “adventure of letting go.” – You will see, you can only win.